Stolen bag and complete non-reaction from the Metropolitan Police.

This image is the moment a thief picked up my bag and stole it, from The George on Great Queen Street on October the 25th 2011 at around 9:30pm.

theft moment

£500 reward for information leading to conviction or equipment recovery

We obtained the security camera footage from the bar, it looks like this:

The above was very helpfully edited for the internet and annotated by Alia, unblurred copy is available on request.

So, we took this footage to the Holborn police station within two hours of the crime, and were met with complete disinterest, they were more interested in how we got the security camera footage than they were in looking at it. This disinterest extended into the "investigation", I use quote marks there because there was none. Someone apparently went to the venue, viewed the footage and determined that it was not good enough to circulate an image.

Two days later and after several phone calls to Holborn police station, I finally got to speak to a human who informed me that an officer had been "assigned to the case", but as yet nothing had been done.

Almost two weeks later, I called them again and was then informed that they would not be doing anything because the CCTV was not good enough. Some truly awful CCTV images were distributed of the London rioters, so it seems a bit of publicity makes an image look a lot clearer.

It goes without saying that we want to know who this individual is, with that in mind here are some more captures from the security cameras.

If you know anything, please use these contact details, or you can contact Holborn Police Station directly quoting crime reference 2334223/11. Any information passed on will be kept between me and the police. Thanks.

Bag contents

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